Enhance the care and support given to jockeys

Enhancing the care and support given to jockeys (past and present) is central to our purpose and is the driving force behind everything we do.

Pat Smullen

Irish Injured Jockeys provides care support for the existing charities. Individual cases are presented by the charities to the Board of Irish Injured Jockeys and approved by the Directors before any funds are made available, thereby ensuring that Irish Injured Jockeys knows where the money is being spent. Irish Injured Jockeys is also in a position to help those cases that fall outside the remit of the other charities.

Improve the lives of injured jockeys and their families

To provide appropriate support, financial or otherwise, in a prompt and sympathetic manner to those jockeys past or present who are injured,
unable to ride or generally in need. Raising public awareness is one of our top priorities. By doing this we can draw attention to the urgent need for extra funds.

Through the actions of all of our team members, charitable support will be offered in a timely, compassionate,
empathetic, discreet and professional manner. All those involved in the Irish Injured Jockeys are very aware of the often sensitive nature of certain cases and at all times will respect the jockeys dignity and their right to privacy.
Our behaviour is underpinned by good manners, understated genuine warmth and modern professionalism. We are considerate and down-to-earth.