Vision and mission


Ireland is acknowledged as one of the world’s major racing nations. Our vision is that Ireland will be recognised as a place where all jockeys and their families, for aspiring apprentices to professionals and qualified riders, will be provided with best care when they need it.

The care and guidance will be long term, helping jockeys not only when they have suffered injury through race0riding, but when they will need help in their secondary careers and in their lives after they have finished riding.


Raising public awareness is one of our top priorities. By doing this we can draw attention to the urgent need for extra funds. Irish Injured Jockeys is in unique position to bring vital insight to the areas where these funds are urgently needed.

The team of Irish Injured Jockeys is working closely with the established racing charities. The new and important link with the weighing too means Irish Injured Jockeys can clearly see where help is needed. Because of our broad remit we can provide that help quickly and efficiently.

All those involved in Irish Injured Jockeys are very aware of the often sensitive nature of these cases and at all times will respect the jockeys’ dignity and their right to privacy. By looking at each case individually Irish Injured Jockeys can make decisions to give help directly to those who need it.


Ireland’s three main racing charities: The JOCKEYS EMERGENCY FUND (JEF), The DROGHEDA MEMORIAL FUND (DMF) and The IRISH JOCKEYS TRUST (IJT) are mainly funded by levies and deductions taken from prize money and riders’ fees.

The JEF has provided care for those riders who have suffered very serious career ending injuries. Soaring costs for these cases means that The JEF urgently needs additional support. Irish Injured Jockeys has already stepped in and is sharing the burden of the cost of the 24-hour care which these cases need.

The DMF is the oldest racing charity and has looked after those who have given their lives to racing. Irish Injured Jockeys is committed to supporting the work they do.