Irish Injured Jockeys was set up in 2014 to increase awareness and raise vital funds to support our injured jockeys. Funds raised through Irish Injured Jockeys go to the injured riders who are in most need of support.

With the nature of horse racing posing such high risks to our jockeys on a daily basis, it is essential that we have a public fundraising vehicle in place through which we can raise much needed funds on a regular and consistent basis.

There are lots of ways that one can help from buying some merchandise from our collection, organising fundraising events, making a donation, volunteering to help out at events or putting a legacy in place.

Stats and Facts

  • A jump jockey is 10 times more likely than a flat jockey to fall per ride
  • A point-to-point jockey is over 20 times more likely to fall than a flat jockey and twice as likely than a jump jockey to fall per ride
  • Flat jockeys who fall have a 46% chance of recordable injury which is over twice as high as their jumping contemporaries and five times higher than a point-to-point rider
  • The highest rate of recordable injuries by jockeys in 2013 were skin injuries including; haematoma / contusion / bruising
  • Dr. Adrian McGoldrick, Senior Turf Club Medical Officer raised the helmet safety standard from January 1st 2014
  • Since then all helmets used in Ireland must meet dual standards of PAS015:2011 (Irish Standard) and ( EN1384)
  • British Horseracing Authority have also implemented this change since October 1st
  • A new draft for European Standards by Dr Adrian McGoldrick has been sent to all European countries. This is called an enquiry i.e. each country decides if they support all or some of its context.